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‘Wine Enthusiast’ Lists 10 Top Destinations

Magazine’s list includes very few expected but more surprise wine areas

WineEnthuaiastWine Enthusiast magazine annually polls its editors about their best wine and food experiences in order to share with readers their discoveries about “the most exciting places to visit. Our [meaning the magaine’s] list for 2013 represents the wide swath of cultural and culinary experiences on the must-see list.” As the magazine enticingly writes:

“A sense of place—the sights, sounds, smells and spirit of a travel destination—can endear that area to a person forever. For wine lovers, there is no better way to cement that connection than to explore the world around those vines. As the wine market becomes ever more global, packed with offerings ranging from the most storied wine regions to the most offbeat, so does the wine traveler’s itinerary. Whether your tastes lean toward the rustic climbing trails of South Africa’s Stellenbosch or a tour of a Puglian castle, this list promises outstanding travel experiences and unforgettable wines.”

While I will be happy one day to find Colorado’s growing Western Slope wine regions (two AVAs, notably the Grand Valley, Colorado’s oldest and most extensive) on such a list, I was surprised to see on this list Brazil but not Argentina or Chile, New York State’s Long Island but not British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Austria’s Danube Valley but not Germany’s Rhein or Mosel valleys, Australia but not New Zealand — and nothing at all in France or in California’s Napa/Sonoma/Mendocino area! How odd!

Perhaps the editors felt that they had “over-discovered” those in the past and didn’t want to be trite. Even though they didn’t title their list, “10 undiscovered wine regions,” they might have tried to be “interesting” by excluding the usual suspects. Or, if they had expanded their list from 10 to 20, they might have included ones that I humbly feel they overlooked this year. Having written that, here is Wine Enthusiast’s list (which by the way, I enjoyed for the enticing write-ups and now want to visit each one):