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CSA Model Used for New Boulder Restaurant

Fresh Thymes Eatery employs a different funding concept

FreshThymes-logoFresh Thymes Eatery, anallergy-conscious, ultra-natural foods restaurant scheduled to open in June in the former Elephant Hut Thai space at the Boulder Steel Yards, is a “community-supported” enterprise whose funding, in addition to traditional financing, is to come through member shares of $250 to $5,000. Is this a first?

According to the Boulder County Business Report“The funding model is similar to that of ‘”community-supported agriculture,’ or CSA, in which people buy a ‘share’ of vegetables from a farmer before the growing season and get them delivered – usually weekly – during the summer months. Fresh Thymes members will get special deals, meals and other goodies once the restaurant opens…[focusing] on healthy takeout items such as ‘ingredient-conscious’ salads, sandwiches and hot items. Customers will be able to pick up items or eat at the restaurant.”

Owner Christine Ruch plans to open Fresh Thymes in June. She has had her own issues with food allergies and autoimmune disease, and in fhe process of her own struggles ultimately became the head culinary instructor of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Boulder and also has served as head chef for the Growe Foundation, a fresh vegetable food program in the Boulder Valley School District. Fresh Thymes will be located at 2500 30th Street in Boulder.