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Multi-Cultural Hilo Farmers Market

Asian and Anglo vendors sell fresh food to Asian and Anglo customers

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am drawn to farmers’ markets. Yesterday’s market du jour was in Hilo on the east coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Held every Saturday and Wednesday, and according to my friend Jessica who lives in nearby Mountain View, the Hilo Farmers Market is roughly the same size on both days. It welcomes visitors, of course, but essentially seems to be a local market.

Located at Kaewe Street and Kamehameha Avenue, with a street-corner evangelist yelling about salvation from across the street, it assigns most of the food vendors to one side and the apparel/gift/souvenir vendors to the other. I found stands selling fresh flowers, fresh produce, preserves, Kona coffee from across the island and just  enough of a selection of prepared foods — Asian items, Anglo baked goods, smoothies and goat cheese one artisanal cheesery — for a satisfying picnic lunch.  There were both Asian and Anglo (hoale in Hawaiian) vendors and customers as well. If you plan to go, be sure to check the market’s coupon page — currently including a $2 off a market T-shirt and a free flavor shot with any coffee.

Troll the Hilo Farmers’ Market with me via the images below:

Great greens from the well-watered fertile soil on this part of the island.
Heaps of root vegetables, bananas and other produce from an area with an enviable 12-month growing season.
Musabi (nicknamed "mu") is sushi-style rice topped with grilled Spam or other protein item and held together with a strip of nori (seaweed).
One vendor lops the tops, silk and all, from earsof corn. Quite artisitic.
Young boy -- I think a customer's son -- holds up the fresh-caught fish, brought to the market in an ice-filled cooler.
Prepared Asian-style breakfasts laid out in neat rows.
Bags of "Chinese pretzels" that resmeble Penn Dutch or Scandinavian sweets but taste like fried, sugared wonton skins. Maybe that's what they are.
O Hia Cottage, a B&B, sells its preserves and fruit butters at the market. A jar of lilihoi (passionfruit) butter is coming home with me.