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Christmas Eve Buffet for 20

Ham was the featured attraction in 2012

The dark shape at the center bottom of the photo is Johnny Cash, the Cat in Black, drinking from the tree stand.

For me, growing up in a family with Austrian roots, Christmas was always the 24th, and the 25th was the day after. The 24th was also my late father’s birthday. As empty-nester, my husband and I have made it something of a tradition to host Christmas Eve dinner for friends and neighbors.

We have no family nearby. My son who lives 360 miles away is the nearest, and he can never come because it’s peak season for teaching skiing, and my husband’s family are mostly in the greater Reno area. No one expects me to prepare what I “always” make, so I do whatever strikes. Also friends always contribute — if they wish and what they wish. Of course, there was abundant red, white and dessert wine of various sorts. I didn’t keep track. I should have used a flash for these few photos, so apologies for dark, dull images.

December 24, 2012 Menu

  • Appetizers in the Living Room
  • Caprese on a skewer. Fresh grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil leaf from the pot I’m trying to nurse through the winter.
    Guacamole in small phyllo cups topped with a bit of sun-dried tomato
    Rice crackers with whipped cream cheese and jalapeño jelly
    Assorted nuts
The laden table just before people started serving themselves.

Buffet in the Dining Room

Glazed ham (spiral cut)
Scandinavian-style braised red cabbage
Parsleyed new potatoes with optional bacon crumbles
Roasted sweet peppers (red, yellow, orange)
Thick home-made pumpernickel bread that was light in color and texture from Jerrie
Bubbling-hot Parmesan “fondue” and sliced baguette from Laura
Vegetarian paella from John


Pecan tart wedges
Sugar cookie-style pastries
Home-made cream puffs with raspberry cream filling from Vivian
Home-made biscotti from Darlene

Not much left! We feasted well.

We had a wonderful evening with people we genuinely care about, and I hope your celebration was festive and delcious — and perhaps more photogenic.