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Bellagio Hosts Elaborate Chinese Feast

A feast inspired by the pinnacle of Chinese VIP hospitality  in America’s gambling mecca

DiyouotiGuesthouse-logoA gambler can lose 500 bucks in Las Vegas in minutes, or a culturally curious foodie can spend it on an evening feasting on a spectacular Chinese banquet, the likes of which is typically reserved for royalty, heads of state and other world leaders visiting the Chinese capital. The cuisine of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse of Beijing will be showcased in celebration of Chinese New Year next month in Las Vegas.

Bellagio’s Tuscany Kitchen will be transformed to host a three-day Chineces culinary event with exclusive prix fixe dinner menus from Thursday, February 14 through Saturday, February 16 at 7:30 p.m. nightly. The Bellagio says that the eight-course meal features “a collection of historic dishes modernized from ancient menus, will be prepared and served by the Diaoyutai culinary team, dressed in traditional Chinese attire and led by executive chef Hao Baoli, who has hosted more than 1,000 world leaders in his decades at the Guesthouse. From décor and tradition to dishes showcasing rare and exotic ingredients, the Guesthouse experience will be transported to the luxurious Bellagio.”

Chef Baoli, a celebrity chef in China to celebrated guests, has more than 30 years leading the Diaoyutai culinary team. The Bellagio continues, “Chef Baoli’s celebratory menu will feature a diverse selection of dishes showcasing rare ingredients and skillful techniques. In addition, strict nutritional requirements ensure all dishes are low in both sugar and sodium and high in protein.  The result is cuisine that is visually stunning, legendary and nutritionally holistic.”

Guests will enjoy traditional presentations, including Diaoyutai’s Dragon Bearded Noodle ritual and extraordinary fruit carvings. The Diaoyutai team scrupulously executes what it calls the “Four Beauties” in every meal: food, service, tableware and environment. Celebratory décor includes tableware shipped from Beijing to Bellagio for the event to capture the essence and spirit of the Diaoyutai Guest House.

Curious about what $500 will buy?  Click here for the menu, whose simple graphics belie the intricate cuisine and ceremonial ambiance. To To purchase tickets, call the Concierge at 866-906-7171  or 702-693-7075.

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