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Aji Happy Hour Makes Us Happy

Pre-holiday light bite at Latin American restaurant

Boulder’s Aji Restaurant serves some Mexican dishes, but it’s not a Mexican restaurant. It also serves Central and South American fare, but it doesn’t identify with one particular country. Truth, is of course, that regional ingredients and cuisines tend to overlap political boundaries. One of the endearing features of this downtown Boulder is that it serves some dishes from here, others from there — with “here” and “there” and everywhere being south of the border,

We are in heavy party prep mode for Christmas Eve, so a chance to take a walk yesterday evening and eat food someone else had prepared was most welcome. They do offer happy hour until 6:00 on Saturdays. We arrived at around 5:30 and were asked, “Two for dinner?” We replied that we were there for happy hour. “Do you have a reservation? was the next question, Well, no-o-o-o-, since it hadn’t occurred to us to book a happy hour table. We were seated at a high-top in the bar area, and FWIW, when we left around 6:20, there were still several empty tables in the dining room. Then again, how were they to know that we weren’t planning to linger.

Yummy mojito — minty, limey, spicy, icy and rummy.
Empanada filled with mushrooms (the menu says “wild”), cuitlacoche and chevre. The cheese binds the fungi together and makes a soft filling.
A pair of empanadas filled with roasted pork and black bean puree.
Two chicken taquitos with coarse-chopped pico de gallo and an interesting vinegary cole slaw..

The best happy hour deals are from the bar: (9 different microbrew cervezas for $3.50, mojitos, margs, house wine and well cocktails at $4.50; house-made sangria for $5.). Small plates at small prices are palate-pleasers too. Food, small plates (taquitos, ceviches, empanadas), $2-$7; soups, $3.50 cup and $6 bowl; appetizers, $7-$9; salads (2 sizes), $6-$11; sandwiches with sweet potato fries, $8-$9.

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