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Unlikely Spot for Fine Pizza

Audrey Jane’s puts out terrific pies.

The east side of Boulder’s Community Plaza Shopping Center is an unlikely place for a pizzeria. It’s not the side with the Broadway and the parking lot. Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage is run by Audrey Sherman (San Francisco, New York, Italy and culinary school in her past). BTW, there’s no garage in sight in case you are wondering.

We went there on a warm summer evening, hankering for a pizza. The store had a typical pared-down, brightly lit pizzeria look. The patio was the more appealing option for us. We shared and half-and-half pizza, a satisfying East Coast-style pie. There’s no adult beverage license, but my desire for a tannic Italian red was satisfied when we went around to the Boulder Wine Merchant on the Community Plaza’s other side for a couple of bottles, and they happened to be holding a tasting of Italian wines. The pizza and wine were therefore sequential rather than consecutive.

Half veggie, half Spicy Pig on a thin crust with an undulating puffy edge that show a bit of char– just as it should be..

Price check: $14 for a 14-inch cheese pie to $26 for a 20-inch New York pie.

2675 Thirteenth Street, Boulder:  303-442-2032.

Honors for Emily’s Brooklyn Pizza

My cross-country, cross-generational connection with Brooklyn pizzeria.

DailyMeal-logoAs you might have noticed, I often post news of national honors or national recognition awarded to Colorado restaurants, chefs and wines. Brooklyn is not normally on my radar screen, but I was thrilled to see that Pizza Loves Emily, a Brooklyn pizzeria now with two locations, was cited as one of “The 25 Best Cheese Pizzas in America,” as selected by

The namesake is Emily Hyland, who owns it with her husband Matt. I knew her as a pre-schooler named Emily Shaw. She was a Stevens Cooperative Nursery School classmate of my son, Andrew, in Hoboken, NJ. Emily’s parents Rex and Rona Shaw and I have stayed in holiday letter touch throughout the years, and we reconnected in person recently when they came to a wedding in Estes Park. They both told me that when we next are in New York, we have to go to Pizza Loves Emily. And we will.

I don’t know what has changed but I cannot seem to copy The Daily Meal’s post about Emily, so you’ll have to click on this link in order to read it.

Pizza Loves Emily Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cosmo’s on Best College Town Pizza List

Thrillist-logoThrillist’s selection of the “21 Best College Town Pizza Joints in America” naturally included the University of Colorado, which means best pizza in Boulder. The site selected , writing:

You will not find the best pizza slice of your life in Boulder. But if it’s 2am and you’re a 21-year-old CU student with a powerful hunger after a powerful night of drinking, Cosmo’s slices are National site singles out “spicy ranch” (also on pizzeria’s own website).hard to beat. While plenty of students eat (and work!) there, locals often swing by for a cheap, quick bite. Each slice runs about $3, and is about the size of former CU basketball star Chauncey Billups’ leg. Don’t forget the spicy ranch, which elevates every bite of pizza. There’s a reason Cosmo began bottling this stuff and selling it in local supermarkets: it’s got a heat that lingers without being overpowering, and it meshes beautifully with the NY-style thin crust. You can dip without judgment at Cosmo’s. In fact, it’s encouraged.

The national site singles out “spicy ranch,” which also on pizzeria’s own website’s home page. Coincidence? I think not .Both Boulder locations are near campus (one east, one west), and there’s one each in Denver and Fort Collins.

Meanwhile, Travel & Leisure assembled a list of the country’s 30 most beautiful college campuses. CU-Boulder  is one, but the magazine picked a particularly unlovely photograph — an empty mottled field in the foreground, a jumble of buildings behind and the rounded lump of Flagstaff Mountain behind those. No signature sandstone buildings that the write-up lauds, no Old Main, no tree-studded Nolin quad, no Flatirons in the background, now snowcapped peaks referred to.  Not much thinking on the part of T&L.

No Holds Barred at Bar Dough Brunch

McKissock’s LoHi hit adds weekend brunch.

024Drives to Denver in the middle of the day are usually predictably mellow and stress-free. Traffic is light, and if it slows down, I can switch to “Toll” on my transponder. Except this past Thursday, when a couple of cars piled into the concrete barrier and/or each other on Davidson Mesa, and  traffic backed up behind the accident. I’m betting that one or both drivers were texting of jabbering on their phones.

I was irritated, because I was heading for Bar Dough, Max McKissock’s highly praised restaurant in LoHi for a brunch preview. I arrived after the other guests had done damage to several of the dishes. What was left looked good, and what was served from  then on was delicious and beautifully presented.

Simple modern lines serve as a setting for Bar Dough's complex dishes.
Simple modern lines serve as a setting for Bar Dough’s complex dishes.
I suppose it helps to be oa certain age to recognize French sexpot Brigitte Bardot perching on a bar somewhere in France in this picture perching on Bar Dough's bar. Love the humor.
I suppose it helps to be of a certain age to recognize French movie star Brigitte Bardot perching on a bar somewhere in France in this picture perching on Bar Dough’s bar. Love the humor.

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Pizza Place in Alamosa

Satisfying pies in bowling alley building.

P1090515We came through Alamosa around lunch time on a blowy, snowy Friday. A pizza place next to a bowling alley would not usually be our first choice, but with the weather and the prospect of fogged-in La Veta Pass, the San Luis Valley Pizza Company seemed like a reasonable choice.

The decor features Checked tablecloths (oilcloth, of course) and framed pictures of sports teams (mostly local) on the walls.
The decor features Checked tablecloths (oilcloth, of course) and framed pictures of sports teams (mostly local) on the walls.

The big pizza that amply served three ended up being better than I’d anticipated. A salad bar was a bonus, because I was really feeling vegetable-deprived.

We ordered a meatless, thin-crust pizza, and our came a generous pie that filled the bill.
We ordered a meatless, thin-crust pizza, and our came a generous pie that filled the bill.

And then, we hit the road again to drive over La Veta Pass in a cloud.

Price check: “Gourmet pizzas come in three sizes (12, 14 and 16 inches) and cost from $14 for a simple small pie to $25 for a large loaded one.

San Luis Valley Pizza Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

DIYO (Design Your Own) Pizza

PizzaRev offers simple pricing, many options.

001It’s not like there’s a shortage of pizza places in Boulder — or that there’s a shortage of fast-casual spots with sleek design at Twenty Ninth Street. But PizzaRev, the first and so far only location of a California chain, has a neat gimmick.

Options abound at PizzaRev.
Options abound at PizzaRev.

In addition to the kids’ menu, there’s one size of pizza (11 inches), a choice of thee sauces (plus olive oil), 11 meats and 17 veggies. No extra charge for any number and combination of toppings. The thin-crust pizza bakes quickly and to almost cracker-like edges.

A special of Buffalo chicken with added onions.
A special of Buffalo chicken with added onions.
White pizza with mushrooms, Alfredo sauce, cheese and mushrooms from the
White pizza with mushrooms, Alfredo sauce, cheese and mushrooms from the “Our Way” selection.

I liked the availability of side and entrée salads, and if we hadn’t used a BOGO coupon, I’d have tried one of those too.

Price check: One-cheese pizza, $5.99; Craft Your Own or Our Way pizzas, or Craft Your Own entrée salad, $8.25; kids’ meal (children 9 and under; kid-size pizza, apple sauce or Oreos, milk or apple juice box), $5.99; side salads, $3.99; desserts, $1.99-$3.99.

Pizza Rev is located at 1650 28th Street, Boulder; 303-444-1122.

PizzaRev Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Colorado’s Place on Top Pizza List

Pizzeria Locale, Frasca’s quick-serve pizza offshoot, appears on national list.

DailyMeal-logoThe Daily Meal, a national foodie site, just released its selection of the “101 Best Pizzas in America 2015.” Colorado makes is customary token appearance on a “best” list. Here’s what the site wrote about Boulder’s Pizzeria Locale, accompanied by an image of a thin-crust pie made of exceptional dough (topped with mozzarella: pecorino, fontina, porcini, roasted white mushroom, garlic and shallot) and baked hot until the crust becomes slightly charred and served unsliced to be eaten with knife and fork:

“It shouldn’t be surprising that Frasca, one of America’s best restaurants, launched an offshoot that serves some of the best pizza in the country. What happens now that restaurateurs Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson have teamed up with Chipotle to launch the restaurant as a fast-casual concept, however, remains to be seen.

“There seems to be a thought out there that America needs a high-quality fast-casual Neapolitan pizza chain. Maybe it’s true that there’s a gap in a market dominated by somnambulant franchises that have been content to churn out doughy, overly sweet-sauced gut-bombs for years. Maybe there’s really nothing wrong with the idea of rotational hearth ovens powered by gas and infrared that take the human element out of cooking. Or maybe Americans will think pizza from a fast-casual spot should be able to be eaten with one hand and without a knife or fork, you know, like what New Yorkers would call “a slice.” What has been made clear so far is that this self-described contemporary pizzeria inspired by the traditional pizzerias of Naples knows how to bring it.

“The full-service Pizzeria Locale in Boulder serves 14 pies (seven each white and red), among them the funghi, which, for $20, you can next-level with Umbrian black summer truffle. The menu at the “quick-serve” Pizzeria Locales in Denver (where there are two), Kansas City, and soon Cincinnati features 10 11-inch pies that are a little more mainstream (though a version of the mais pizza with sweet corn, ham, crème fraîche, and garlic did make the cut). But you can craft your own interesting combos with their 25 toppings.”

What surprised me: Five honorees from my native Connecticut that appear on  the list are the plain pie (no cheese) from Roseland Apizza in Derby, the plain pie (slices of fresh tomato) from Ernie’s Pizza in New Haven, Domenick and Pia’s pepperoni in Waterbury, mashed potato and bacon (what!?!) from Bru Room at BAR in New Haven, special (mozzarella, mushroom, sausage and marinara) at Zuppardi’s Pizza in West Haven, the Italian Bomb (bacon, sausage, pepperoni, garlic, mushroom, pepper, tomato, onion and mozzarella) at Modern Apizza in New Haven and tomato pie (no cheese) at Sally’s Apizza in New Haven. Sally’s neighbor and perennial rival, Frank Pepe’s, is mysteriously absent this year.