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Honolulu Airport Food

Unapplealing for-purchase snack pack ($5) on five-plus-hour United Airlines flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL) + several hours until Aloha Airlines flight to Kaua’i = lunch at Honolulu International Airport.

HNL rounded the usual suspects when selecting concessionaires. Every terminal seems to have the same prectable eateries: Burger King, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, etc. With many Asian visitors to Hawaii, HNL most likely offers some decent food in the international terminal, but not where we were. The best choice seemed to be Stinger Ray’s, purportedly purveying island food. Everything except my Caesar salad (prepared commercial dressing, overly salty grilled chicken, croutons, uninspired garlic bread) comes with a little paper umbrella on top. The nachos were way better than the salad. Hardly island fare but suitable with the tall tropical drinks (pretty good but expensive, $8, not indicated on the menu, so ask before you order). Maybe it’s the cost of the umbrellas.

I wouldn’t mention this at all, except that I was curious about the restaurant, which has all the earmarks of chain (airport location, plasticized menus, waitress’s response to my comment about about the salty chicken, “We don’t do anything to it.”) Ray’s “biography” appears on the back of the menu, so it might have been established by a real person and not a marketing committee. It does seem local, because it appears to be only at HNL. I didn’t take pictures, but when I Googled “Stinger Ray,” I found a Japanese YouTube video that I enjoyed much more than my salad! One minute and seconds in a language I don’t understand can be quite entertaining.