2 Great Restaurants Remodeled

2 Great Restaurants Remodeled

Rioja and Fruition get makeovers & reopen next month. Rioja on Larimer Square and Fruition on East Sixth Avenue are celebrating significant anniversaries, and their respective owners (Rioja partners Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch and Fruition’s Alex Siedel) are giving their first-born the gifts of new looks. Jasinski and Gruitch have since opened bought Bistro Vendome […]

Broth Bar at Boulder’s Fresh Thymes

Natural foods restaurant quick to hook onto hot trend. Rich, hearty broths are suddenly a current food trend, and Boulder’s Fresh Thymes Eatery has jumped on the “brothwagon” and is making the “good stuff our body craves – collagen, gelatin, bio-available minerals and amino acids,” according to a press release. The restaurant’s house-made broth is served from a new Broth […]

Winter Park Standby for Breakfast or Lunch

Winter Park Standby for Breakfast or Lunch

Carvers makes hearty, reliable morning and mid-day meals. Carvers has been serving up hearty breakfasts and lunches to skiers, hikers and hungry Winter Park locals for 30-odd years. It was originally located in a repurposed house behind Cooper Square, but the popular spot had long outgrown the old building’s capacity — and it seems that the […]

I'm afraid I can't identify this line-up, and the announcement didn't help put names fo faces -- but I do like the dramatic image. What a group!

Denver FIVE Class of 2015 Named

Five top Denver chefs to represent city’s culinary scene. Leigh Sullivan, an ardent promoter of Denver’s culinary scene, established the Denver FIVE to showcase the local food and beverage talent.   The “Class of 2015″ with five more Colorado culinarians plus a two-man beverage team has been announced. The chefs are to create five unique dining experiences throughout […]

A basket lined with the tavern's distinctive black and white liners holds two types of house-baked bread- banana and dill-Parmesan.

Terrific Tabernash Tavern

Casual atmosphere & first-rate fare in tiny mountain town. Whenever I visit the greater Winter Park area, eating at the Tabernash Tavern is high on my list . This casual restaurant in a vintage building is loaded with more vintage it — such items as beer cans, jumping skis from the Olympics, fishing memorabilia and other eclectic […]

Keystone’s Upcoming Savor the Slopes

Each week features a different resort restaurant showcasing food, wine & spirits. Keystone was Colorado’s first mountain resort to really emphasize its culinary side with interesting restaurants in the valley and up on the mountain. It long ago began hiring real chefs rather than short order cooks who were frying up burgers in exchange for free […]

Ramen is Sushi Tora's Weekend Lunch Special

Ramen is Sushi Tora’s Weekend Lunch Special

Longtime downtown Boulder sushi fave offers ramen bowls. Like many foodies, I was quite fascinated when New York restaurateur David Chang launched Momofuku, an epicurean ramen restaurant on First Avenue in the “Far East Village” a decade or more ago. He re-elevated the classic Japanese noodle dish from the depths it has sunk to as […]