USPS Puts Its Stamp on Good Food

USPS Puts Its Stamp on Good Food

Chef series and farmers’ market stamps send mail on its way. Last month, the US Postal Service issued a set of cheerful stamps commemorating farmers’ markets and the nation’s bounty. I only wish that the US Department of Agriculture and federal Food and Drug Administration were also supportive of organic farms rather than big corporate agriculture […]

Food & Wine Festival This Week

The 10th Annual Denver Food and Wine Festival from September 3 to 6 is four indulgent days of wines, spirits and delectable cuisine. The various events culminate in the DFW Grand Tasting on Saturday, September 6 from 1  to 4 p.m., the rare daytime grand tasting. It  features samplings of more than 600 featured wines and signature spirits, cuisine from  fine […]

Top Taste of Colorado Restaurants

Labor Day food-focused festival in Denver produces winners. I was in Vienna when the 31st annual Taste of Colorado started, was traveling on a series of airplanes when it shifted into high gear on Saturday and since I just got home that evening (yesterday), not inclined so insert my jet-lagged self into the tumult and […]

Nudeln mit Eier, the "noodles" are pinched-off dough that is droppedinto boiling water, cooked, drained and scrambled with eggs. A small green salad comes with this dish.

Vienna: Carb-Loading & Loving It

The breads, the pastries, the noodles and oh, the taste. Living in carbohydrate-averse Boulder, I felt a delicious thrill of the forbidden when I again realized that central Europe hasn’t yet abandoned traditional foods. The Viennese seem immune to the current American dietary no-carb obsession. Yes, I know that for people with celiac disease, wheat products in particular a really […]

Baroness de Rothschild

RIP Philippine de Rothschild

Grande dame of Bordeaux wineries passes. Philippine de Rothschild, revered as the grande dame of Bordeaux wine and part-owner of the legendary Chateau Mouton Rothschild vineyard, died last week at the of age 80. Baronness de Rothschild was the controlling shareholder in the family-owned Baron Philippe de Rothschild house, which produces the Mouton Cadet claret, the […]