Portland’s Farmers Market

Downtown market one of several each week.

My husband and I came to Portland, Oregon, a day early for the pre-convention trip we’d booked before the #SATWPortland convention. We are at the Paramount Hotel, and a block away in Shemanski Park is the Wednesday location of the #PortlandFarmersMarket. There couldn’t be a better welcome to town for us, since we got up at 5 a.m. back in Colorado. This is the last market this season. It starts up again in May.

Cooking veggies for Mexican dishes.
Heaps and heaps of fresh veggies from area farmers.
Pearl Bakery’s tempting selection of breads.
Missionary’s fabulous artisinal chocolates.
Tastebud brings its wood-burning pizza oven to the farmers’ market.
In addition to standard pizzas, Tastebud asembles some from “whatever the farmers bring us.” Here, a fresh eggs top pizza with sauce, caramelized onion sand roasted jalapenos.


2 thoughts on “Portland’s Farmers Market”

  1. Looks like a beautiful and abundant market–that pizza is making me hungry! I really like Portland–they seem to be pretty progressive in how they go about things like city transpo, planning for bicyclists, food truck encouragements, and so on. I know you are having a super time and can’t wait to hear more details–

    1. Portland is progressive in all the ways you mentioned. The food scene is stellar. Ditto the beer scene. And wind country is really close. If the winters weren’t so dreary, I could easily live there.

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