Little Man Named Denver’s Best Ice Cream cites LoHi-based ice cream shop as “the best.”

I don’t envy “the decider” about which dipping store to crown “Denver’s Best Ice Cream”on,  because there are so many good ones. But the site did name Little Man Ice Cream, whose flagship is in the vibrant LoHi ‘hood. Here’s what one Andy Kryza wrote for the round-up of “The Best Ice Cream in Every State“:

Denver – Little Man Ice Cream

Look, we’re suckers for anything served out of a giant version of its core ingredient, but it’s not just the fact that Little Man’s housed in a gigantic old milk bottle that has us excited. It’s also not the fact that the Scoop for Scoop program matches each order with its equivalent in rice in beans for those in need around the world, though that’s also great! But this place could serve scoops out of an outhouse and we’d still be stoked about flavors like Fluffernutter, Creamsicle, and Banana Pudding, plus ample gelato and sorbet options. Maybe not as stoked, but still pretty stoked. Given the typical lines, Coloradans seem to be stoked as well.


2 thoughts on “Little Man Named Denver’s Best Ice Cream”

  1. You can skip the parking hassles at Little Man and pick up pints of this great ice cream at Wheat Ridge Meats on 29th Ave, a few blocks west of Sheridan or at the small liquor store in Edgewater on 25th Ave one block west of Sheridan. No doubt there are other locations for the pints. I don’t know if the more exotic flavors are available anywhere away from the mother store. Little Man also sponsors music and other events immediately adjacent to the big milk jug: no music in Edgewater or Wheat Ridge though.

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