Rayback: A Hotspot at the End of a (Mostly) Cool Week

Boulder food truck central is also a meetingand mingling place.

At the end of a mostly cool, damp week and a day that included a quick dash of hail, the sun came out on Friday evening — and so did a crowd looking for good food, good brewskis and a good vibe. The destination by bike, by car or on foot was the buzzing Rayback Collective.

The Friday evening crowd skewed young — 20s and 30s, mostly, and some with kids in tow.

It had been a while since our last visit, and since then, Rama Ramen has become a regular that has built its own buzz. There is room for just four food trucks, and last night, the noodle four-wheeler shared space with Colombian food, pretzel and smokehouse meat purveyors.

Rama Ramen has a small, very focused menu.
Spicy Garlic Ramen lived up to its name, especially the “spicy” part. Radishes aren’t often found as an ingredient in hot dishes, but here, they added color and texture.

The Rayback Collective is on Valmont Avenue, just west of 28th Street. Zomato.com lists neither it nor the Rama Ramen truck.