Long Running Blue Parrot Closing

Louisville landmark going dark after nearly a century.

BlueParrot-signWhen I moved to Boulder in 1988, “someone” told me about two terrific Italian restaurants in Louisville: Colacci’s and the Blue Parrot.  It took me a while to get to them, but compared to the southern Italian restaurants of the Northeast, they were not at all terrific. In fact, to my palate, they were remarkably mediocre.  Low-taste recipes and throw-back ambience, better for nostalgia than for actually eating there. The Colacci family was behind both.

Colacci’s closed some years ago, and now The Blue Parrot is planning on closing at the end of the month. Their spaghetti sauce is or was bottled, but I was never motivated to look for it. Too bad it couldn’t hang on for a couple of years to celebrate its 100th birthday.  I say “RIP,” but since I couldn’t bring myself to try it a second time,  I might be partially responsible for its demise.

Should you wish to pay it a farewell visit, it is at 640 Main Street, Louisville;  303 666-0677.

2 thoughts on “Long Running Blue Parrot Closing”

  1. Claire,

    I felt the same way about the restaurant, though I know it had many fans. I wasn’t one of them. Times change. Maybe this is an indication that the diner’s palate is changing and now requires something other than bland.

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