New Soda Flavors from Stiff & Sons

Oskar Blues soft drinks line quintuples its varieties.

OskarBlues-logoThanks to the richly deserved reputation for their roles in super-sizing America’, Coke and Pepsi are contributors to the country’s obesity epidemic and related health problems. I haven’t drunk either of ’em in years.  So I would advise that if you must drink soda, make it sugar-reduced, flavorful and local.

Stiff and Son’s Old Fashioned Soda Pop Company,  the kid-friendly branch of the Oskar Blues family tree, is adding four new flavors of craft soda to their product lineup. Their B. Stiff & Sons Root Beer is  the top-selling local craft Root Beer in Colorado.

The four new flavors of small-batch sodas are zingy Ginger Beer, citrusy sweet Orange Cream, smooth Cream Soda and sweet-and-tart Black Cherry. These are old-school flavors reinvented by the B. Stiff wizards reinvented with their own creative twists. The original Root Beer recipe is revamped as well, with a 20% reduction in sugar, a change made in response to consumer feedback. It shoul go without saying that all B. Stiff & Sons products are gluten-free and also caffeine-free.

These new flavors are offered at top independent retailers throughout Colorado, Wyoming, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, as well as at multiple large grocery retailers starting April 1st. The full line-up will remain available at all Oskar Blues restaurant locations (Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids and Solids, Grill & Brew, CHUBurger, CyclHOPS) and the new  RiNo locations of CHUBurger and Hotbox Roasters Coffee Shop set to open in June of 2016.

The soda line was named for Brian Stiff, a Lyons local, bike-riding buddy and father of two, who passed away unexpectedly in February 2012. A portion of soda proceeds continue to provide support for the Stiff family.