Cheesecake in a Jar & On The Air

Grand Junction company adds line of savories.

Decadence-logoChef Lee Mathis’s great gimmick was to offer his tasty cheesecakes in cute little Mason jars. I happily ate some of those delicious well-named Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes  a number of years ago, he has added a line of savories to his traditional sweet flavors. Because people can’t wrap their noggins around savory cheesecakes, Mathis calls them savory spreads. I caught Mathis’s interview on Colorado Public Radio’s ‘Colorado Matters.’ The segment was called “Colorado Chef Took a Long Strange Trip to Create Cheesecake in a Jar.”


They are sold close to home (meaning at Western Slope farmers’ markets, fairs and festivals, at Grand Junction area retail locations) and in/around Richmond Virginia. They can also be ordered for shipping.  The jars are shrink-wrapped and packed frozen in custom cardboard holders or in custom-made mini-wooden crates, then packed in a thermal cooler with composite, reusable gel packs, and shipped via FedEx right to your door. When a cheesecake craving hits, just thaw and eat.

One thought on “Cheesecake in a Jar & On The Air”

  1. Lee Mathis sent me the following message via E-mail. I’m sharing it because it contains news about the company:

    “After we were a winner at The 2016 Good Food Awards/Pantry Category with our Colorado-Style Southern Chow Chow, they started running that interview again, originally broadcast in 2014. The Chow Chow also won a 1st and 2nd Place in the 2015 Chile Pepper Magazine Awards! We like to call it ‘Sweet Heat’

    “We have now started expansion of that, not only to the Front Range, but we also have a few markets in San Francisco selling it.

    I love it on my omelets, it’s great on pulled pork, we pass out recipes for making Deviled Eggs and a Tartar Sauce with it… so many uses… and it is not only shelf-stable for a year, refrigerate after opening, but it is also Gluten-Free and Fat-Free.”

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