Casa Alvarez Green Chili Comeback

Popular chili now available at retail.

Remembering the restaurant.
Remembering the restaurant.

When I tasted the green chili — both pork and veggie/vegan — at Lucky’s Market over the weekend, my palate rewound to Casa Alvarez, which for two decades was arguably Boulder’s most popular Mexican restaurant. Their green chili was the stuff of local legend. Customers used to pick it up by the pint or quart.

Evan Cormane, a member of the original Casa Alvarez family, sampling the new Casa Alvarez Foods green chili at Lucky's Market.
Evan Cormane  sampling the new Casa Alvarez Foods green chili at Lucky’s Market. His mother is Betty Artes, so he grew up in the restaurant, and the food line remains in the family.

Even though Ernesto Alvarez and Betty Artes shuttered the restaurant in the Willow Gardens shopping center, their fabled chili is back. Casa Alvarez Foods is up and running, making these great chilies for retail sale, and Lucky’s is among the first (if not the first) to carry it. Frozen versions are to make their appearance soon as well, and salsas are probably in their future too.

The company’s website is not functioning yet, but news and recipes are posted on its Facebook page.