Chili Heat & Cool Brews at Snowmass

Mammoth Fest features chili cook-off.

mammoth-logoMore than a dozen top chili cooks from Colorado and beyond turn up the heat during an International Chili Society (ICS) sanctioned regional cook-off on the Snowmass Village Mall during Snowmass Mammoth Fest.  Free tastings of red chili, chili verde (green chili) and salsa, along with live music, are offered to the public on Friday, June 12 from 5 to 9 p.m.  Tame the heat with premium microbrews available for purchase.

The next day if your palate has recovered, taste free chili and salsa tastings from 12 noon, along with, a 25-Microbrew Grand Tasting grand tasting on Saturday at Town Park. Cooking starts early in the day. Once the tastings begin, come sample chili and salsa, mingle with the cooks and vote for the People’s Choice Award for the best red chili. Following International Chili Society rules, a panel of expert judges will select the three top winners in each category. All 1st place winners will advance to the ICS World Championships.


  • Edward Huffman (red chili, chili verde, salsa), Iron Horse Chili, Peyton, CO
  • Hank Wedemeyer (red chili, chili verde), Medicine Man, Littleton, CO
  • Judy Wedemeyer (red chili, chili verde), Flam-N-Go, Littleton, CO
  • Kathy Weiss (chili verde, salsa), Rocky Mountain Harmony Chili, Centennial, CO
  • Mary Parker (red chili, salsa), Dragonfly Chili, Peyton, CO (1st place winner from 2014 ICS World Championship)
  • Matthew Levy (red chili, chili verde, salsa), Hunt Valley, MD
  • Mick Weiss (red chili), Rocky Mountain Harmony Chili, Centennial, CO
  • Mike Rook (red chili, chili verde), Rook’s Road, Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Priscilla Licon (red chili, chili verde, salsa), Scilla’s Chili, Pueblo, CO
  • Sean Richardson (red chili, chili verde, salsa), Maverick’s Grill, Granby, CO
  • Stephanie Richardson (red chili, chili verde, salsa), Maverick’s Grill, Granby, CO
  • Stevan Rodriguez (red chili, chili verde, salsa), Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Steve Vedora (red chili), Coogee Mountain, Denver, CO
  • Jeff LeBeck (red chili, chili verde, salsa), Voodoo Moon, Westminster, CO
  • Greg Virant (red chili), Going Up Chili, Omaha, NE
  • Lynn Kost Virant (salsa), Going Down Chili, Omaha, NE

The main part of Mammoth Fest is actually  a big entertainment event with name performers. Click here or call 877-987-6487 for ticket information, prices and purchasing.