Winter Menu at Wahoo’s

California-based chain has seasonal menu — not all fish.

Wahoos-logoI personally love to eat fish, so I post this as a service to those who don’t but who regularly share a table with people like me. Wahoo’s Fish Taco restaurants (at least those in Colorado) have a trio of new winter dishes, two entrées and one hearty coup. The Chimi, Wahoo’s version of the chimichanga, combines rice, beans and chicken rolled in a flour tortilla,  deep fried and served over enchilada sauce with spicy ranch and then smothered with house queso. Also from the seafood-free zone are Steak, Potato & Queso Tacos, served three to an order with a side of house queso and a deep-fried jalapeño.

The there’s the Colorado Seafood Chowder, which –to me, born and raised New Englander — strikes me as an oxymoron. Billed as “a Colorado spin to the classic Manhattan Clam Chowder,” it contains clams and shrimp simmered in a tomato broth with potatoes, carrots, onions and cilantro. That pre-supposed that Manhattan’s  tomato-based seafood soup is chowder. To me and my fellow New Englanders, it must be milk- or cream-based to be chowder.

Wahoo’s has 10 locations in Colorado, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Longmont, Highlands Ranch and Lakewood.