Denver’s Top Taco at La Calle

National site picks low-profile taqueria as Denver’s best.’s latest best-of list is “The Best Tacos in 15 US Cities,” of which Denver is one. Surprisingly Pinche Taqueria wasn’t it. The again, the winner was also Westword‘s 2013 honoree for Denver’s best tacos, so there was a hint in the air even before the list came out.

Here’s what posted:

Denver: Cochinita Pibil at La Calle Taqueria y Carnitas

Why We Love It: Housed in a comfy little two-room cottage along the Valverde stretch of Alameda, this absolute gem gives new meaning to the word “sumptuous.” We wholeheartedly recommend every taco on the menu, but since you’ve got to start somewhere, try the cochinita pibil – pork slow-roasted in citrus-achiote marinade (pictured left below the also-amazing chivo, or goat). With one bite, the depth of its rich and tangy flavor seems almost boundless; slivers of pickled onion add sharp contrast should you want it, but the stew-thick mixture is perfect as is. (And don’t fret about those lemon wedges – we’re sure the lime shortage will be over soon.)

Insider Tip: While the wall-mounted menus are entirely in Spanish, a printed menu at the order counter offers moderately helpful English translations.

Price: $1.50 or $6.95 for five

There were all sorts of indignant comments about the inclusion of northeastern cities, far less known for the Mexican and/or Tex-Mex than, say, San Antonio or San Diego. Those folks seem not to understand the title of the roundup. It is “the best tacos in 15 cities,” not “the 15 best tacos.” There is a difference.

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