Move Over Moe’s: New Bagel Shop Coming

Rosenberg’s NY-style bagels opening in Five Points

Rosenberg-logoAnyone who has lived within shopping distance of New York’s legendary H&H Bagels (or in Aspen where they were flown in daily for a now-closed place called the Oy Vey Cafe) knows what a high taste-and-texture bar is set by top bagel bakeries. Now comes word that Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen is scheduled to open this spring in Denver. No, it’s not a project of Hosea Rosenberg, the New Mexico-born, Boulder-based chef who won Season Five’s “Top Chef” and who is plenty busy with his Blackbelly Catering and personal appearances.

It is the fulfillment of a long dream by Josh Pollack. He has been making bagels at  Lon Symensma‘s Gather in the Golden Triangle neighborhood, recreating New York City’s heralded tap water through a filtration and additive process. He’ll take that aquatic alchemy with him when he starts producing authentic, boiled-then-baked New York City-style bagels in Five Points, a  predominantly African-American neighborhood known more for soul food than Jewish food.

Reconstruction site in the Five Points neighborhood. (Photo: Josh Pollack)
Reconstruction site in the Five Points neighborhood. (Photo: Josh Pollack)

Update 3/9/14 – Joshua Pollack stopped by today with a bag of a dozen super-fresh, really good bagels and the news that Rosenberg’s opening date will be in May.

The building at 26th Avenue and Welton Street where Pollack will be making and selling bagels, and where a New York-style deli will be added, is known as the Arcade Building. His plan includes incorporating old and salvaged materials (such as original tiles) and traditional bagel-making (boiling, then baking).

Down the line, Pollack plans to add a glass meat and cheese curing case in the manner of Russ & Daughters, a deli on Manhattan’s Lower East Side that is celebrating its centennial this year. Pollack expects that he will eventually smoke his own fish and cure his own corned beef and pastrami. I am not sure that I will drive to Denver only for bagels, but I’ll be sure to stop by if I’m in the city between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m., Rosenberg’s expected operating hours.