L.A. Restaurant’s Obscene Water Program

20-item menu & water sommelier too far over the top

Martin Riess, Ray's & Stark's GM, doubles as water sommelier. LAist photo.
Martin Riese, Ray’s & Stark’s GM, doubles as water sommelier. LAist photo.

According to the United Nations, 884 million people on this planet don’t have access to clean water and an appalling 2.5 billion lack proper sanitation facilities. That’s why I find it obscene that Ray’s & Stark Bar in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has a and a “water sommelier” to guide the rich and thirsty through the 20-item “water menu” with H2O from10 countries. Most waters are in the $8 to $12 range, but Berg Water from Greenland clocks in at $20 a bottle.  This elevates pretention to a new level. Wouldn’t this money be better used by a clean water charity in the developing world?