2/101 of Nation’s Best Food Trucks are in Denver

More than 1/3 of The Daily Meal’s selections are from just three cities

TheDailyMeal-logoThe Daily Meal’s new  list of the “101 Best Food Trucks in America for 2013′ includes those “food trucks across America are worth waiting in line at for a meal worthy of eating standing up.” The site evaluated some 450 trucks in 20 cities. Food carts and trailers were not eligible. In addition to the food itself, Twitter and Facebook followers were factored into a “carefully constructed mathematical equation.” Just as last year, the leaderboard was awash with food trucks from Los Angeles (16), San Francisco (11) and New York City (10) with more than one-third of the listees. Just two are from Denver — and alas, they aren’t even high on the list: Manna From Heaven (#99) serving Vietnamese-inspired fare and Quiero Areas (#83) serving gluten-free Venezuelan fare. Maybe trucks in bigger cities just get more Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers. IMO, it’s not just quality or creativity of the food.

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