12 responses to “Where I Ate for Love: Pasta Jay’s on Lasagna Night”

  1. Melanie Mulhall


    Bless you for telling the truth as you see it! You’ve given me exactly what I need to know about Pasta Jay’s. I expect my food sensibilities are more like yours than your husbands, so this post is most helpful.

    Melanie Mulhall

  2. Kathy Kaiser

    WHen I worked at the Daily Camera, so many moons ago, I would get take-out from Pasta Jay’s for dinner, and I always loved it. I’m not sure it’s great food, but it was somehow comfort food; it seemed very rich (maybe because of all the cheese). I’ve hardly been back since. You made some good points in your review. It does look like the classic Italian restaurant, and maybe that’s part of the reason that people flock to it.

  3. Grace Boyle

    Me too. I really don’t like Pasta Jay’s. I’m Italian too so I feel it’s a little Olive Garden-like. That said, I do like how it’s very focused on the Boulder community and it’s been a great spot for locals and visitors alike. Sounds like a nice reason to go :)

  4. Ina Russell

    Ah, Boulder has a short memory — or maybe people just don’t object to dining stunts. A while back Pasta Jay’s was a place where the vegetarians used to go because one of the “special vegetarian” sauces was delicious. To add to the dining fun of it all, the mysterious flavor came from a Secret Ingredient. Yum and fun, right? Turned out the secret ingredient was anchovies. That’s fish, as vegetarians know . . . . and care. His secret uncovered, the owner of Pasta Jay’s was unrepentant. I don’t go there.

  5. Rebekah

    Went there once and as my son would say, meh. Comfort food, though, I can understand that, i guess. Perhaps, it’s more visitors who go? Actually, I stopped going because friends who worked there experienced harassment; that was years ago, but there’s so much amazing food in Boulder, and some really great Italian food, why bother?

  6. Sue Baer

    Claire, I agree with you completely. Never did understand the huge crowds at Pasta Jay’s. Maybe it’s the garlic aroma, which seems to be vented into the street, that brings them in. It does smell enticing and is always busy, lunch and dinner.

  7. Gail Storey

    I haven’t been there (not sure why you apologized to me on BMW digest), but was curious about it, so thank!

  8. Andrea Meyer

    It’s very nice of you to take one for the team, Claire! :-) And happy belated birthday to Ral!

  9. Marian Thier

    I’m impressed that you set aside your biases for the love of your husband. That’s much longer lasting than a meal.

  10. Laurel Kallenbach

    Whoever mentioned that Pasta Jay’s is Italian comfort food hit the nail on the head. I haven’t been there for about 7 years, so it might be time to visit again for a cheese and garlic bomb. Once in 7 years seems often enough for me…

  11. Carol Wilson

    Love the post, Claire. I stopped going to Pasta Jay’s years ago when I heard the owner gave lots of financial support to the Amendment 2 effort. Not wanting to act on rumor, I asked directly and no one denied it–no one would respond to me at all. I write this from Chianti in Tuscany, where a red-checked tablecloth has yet to be seen and the cheese doesn’t come in commercial packaging.

  12. Dana Rogers

    thanks, claire. i haven’t been there is so long. seems like anytime someone with kids came to town, that’s where we went. i never knew of ina’s story, but it was fun to hear about it. i enjoy sitting there for a bit, until the garlic just becomes too much for me. seems like it takes days to leave one’s pores.

    i think i decided to stop going over the support of the ramsay’s. or was it the garlic.

    cheers, dana

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