6 responses to “Old Major is Newest Highland Eatery”

  1. Bonky

    Animal House? Pretty sure you mean Animal Farm…

  2. maria

    I get that including tips in a paycheck gives lenders a better picture of servers’ income. But it also means that servers pay taxes on their tips, thus decreasing their income. Is this a good thing?

    1. Malik McMullen

      It is absolutely a good thing. I’ve spoken to a number of tax preparers over my 15 years as a server, and the consensus is that folks who are paid in cash almost always get into trouble come tax season. We have to pay taxes anyway…dealing in cash at the end of a stressful night usually makes for a broke morning. We can talk about being disciplined with money all we want to, but as humans we need to set ourselves up for a disciplined life. If we don’t want to drink, we shouldn’t hang out in bars, right? If we don’t want to spend all of our money, we should put it where it’s least likely to get spent.

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