CSA Fair in Fort Collins This Weekend

Grant Family Farms ‘orphans’ & others learn about other local farmers’ and ranchers’ CSAs

This logo is frp, The Calhoun School in Manhattan.
This logo is frp, The Calhoun School in Manhattan.

Be Local Northern Colorado hosts what its anticipates to be the first annual CSA Fair on Saturday, March 2 to give local residents a chance to meet and connect with farms and ranches in northern Colorado that operate Community Supported Agriculture programs. The event takes place at the Opera Galleria in downtown Fort Collins from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Grant Family Farms “orphans” take note. CSA members left high and dry with the farm’s unfortunate lapse into bankruptcy last year can shop around for a new one to join from the 20-plus in northern Colorado.

It seems unlikely that any foodie would be unaware of the CSA concept. But just in case, know that the initials stand for Community Supported Agriculture, a mutually beneficial commitment between a farmer and a community member to produce and purchase locally grown and raised foods. The most common model is vegetable “shares” in which people purchases “memberships” to a farm, which then supplies a “share” of the harvest throughout the vegetable growing season. Hereabouts, that is  roughly from May to October. A membership also engages people in the reality of farming in a difficult climate.

Be Local Northern Colorado, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, also operates the Winter Farmers’ Market at the Opera Galleria from November to April. If you are in north Colorado and haven’t been there yet, so go. The Opera Galleria is at 123 N. College Ave., Fort Collins.

4 thoughts on “CSA Fair in Fort Collins This Weekend”

  1. So sad about Grant Farm and I’m sure surprising to so many CSA share holders. Glad this event will introduce perhaps lesser known CSA programs in the area. Sorely overdue to compliment your new blog design too Claire. Usually read you on my tablet or phone so it’s fun to see it in full splendor on a laptop!

    1. The unhappy ending to the Grant Family Farms story is indeed a heart-breaker. Whatever else contributed to the problems, the severe drought was also a factor. I do hope that smaller farms will pick up some of the former Grant members.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on this. I had scheduled a post on the Fort Collins event on ww.MileHighOnTheCheap.com and have now added the Boulder event. Love to support local farmers whenever I can.

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