Reserve Now for Denver Restaurant Week

Top restuaurants are booking up now for two-week culinary “week”

DenverResturantWeekI know they can be a hardship for many restaurants, but “restaurant weeks” like November’s annual First Bite Boulder, upcoming Denver Restaurant Week and numerous others in cities, states, toruist areas and even neighborhoods are fantastic for diners. For a modest fixed price per person, participating restaurants serve a limited menu that enables diners sample their cuisine. Three courses are typical. Some restaurants offer four or add a no-charge amuse before the meal and/or an intermezzo between courses. Some also offer wine specials or even include wine or other beverage in the price.

The majority of the specific menus are up for Denver Restaurant Week, which runs February 23 through March 8. I have long believed that it should be called Denver Restaurant “Weeks” since it does run 14 days. More than 200 restaurants are participating. Each offers a multi-course dinner (usually three courses) for the “mile high” fixed price of $52.80 for two or $26.40 for one, plus tax, tip and beverages. Some offer other optional popular dishes for an upcharge. The fun of this two-week food fest is checking out all the menus and then nabbing a spot at that restaurant you have always wanted to try, but couldn’t afford or hadn’t gotten too yet. Many of the city’s hottest spots are on the list but word on the food street is that many booked up as soon as reservations opened (about three days ago), but many many neighborhood bistros are on the list too. I suppose I should note than many chains have also hooked onto this concept, though it was designed for independently owned restaurants.

We’ve already made out Denver Restaurant Week reservations, but I’m not saying where. I’ll write a blog post after we’ve been there. Please do note that “Denver” in this case stretches from Longmont to Littleton. And an aidditional tip: Make your reservations through and collect 100 points every time you dine. Points can be converted into gift certificates good at any OpenTable restaurant.