2 responses to “Dine Out Vancouver Fest Starts Today”

  1. Gordon Necemer

    We ate at the Keg on 80th Avenue and Scott Road (120th Street). The bill for supper and a coffee came to $88 which was outlandish for what my wife and I got for supper. I am in marketing and I know you know that I know a prime rib meal and a filet mjong and an appetizer with a small dessert should never be that expensive. I will warn friends about the slam, scam and sham of dine out. I am sure we could enjoy a similar meal at a lower cost on any day of the week. If restaurants (dine out) keep this fiasco up, there won’t be too many people eating out. As we left the Keg, I noticed most (90%) of the tables were empty. With the cost of the meals, rightly so!

    Gordon Necemer

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