5 responses to “Grant Family Farms Filed for Bankruptcy”

  1. Christine

    That is sad news, indeed. As always, the small industries are forgotten while big concerns with powerful lobbies get the resources. I’m sure the infected spinach was not grown on small, organic family farms yet they’re the ones that suffer as a result of terrible practices by mega-agriculture. For me it begs the question yet again: When will we learn?

  2. Andy

    Is there anything we can do for the Grant Farm?

  3. Kitchen Coach Mary Collette Rogers

    For people who care about their food–from taste to healthfulness–this is sad news indeed. Grant seemed to be doing everything right. If that farm can’t make it, then I’m worried about what farm will be capable of withstanding an uncertain and inhospitable future. Is there any chance of a reorganization that will allow the farm to shed some debt and then continue? Crossing my fingers. . . .

  4. Marilyn Walker

    Very sad. We did their CSA one year and it was great (too much travel to keep doing it). Chapter 7 is pretty final, but someone else could potentially buy it and keep it going.

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