3 responses to “German Bread Dumplings on ‘Top Chef’”

  1. Toni

    Claire I’m overdue to comment. I subscribe and read every one of your posts in the wee hours on my phone, composing comments in my head! This is the first season of Top Chef I have not watched religiously as its recording somehow escaped my TiVo. I’m hoping for a marathon catch up soon. I remember Stefan from the season with Hosea Rosenberg. Sharp wit, fast chef if I recall. Love the recipe. I’ve been meandering through my old recipes of late with some great finds! Happy holidays!

  2. Thomas

    Interesting, I never ever used flour in a dumpling mass, I
    don´t know the size of a roll, but one egg is never enough. I use milk a little bit warm or a tasty warm Beefstock, Nutmeg, Pepper only a very little, no butter, oil will do it for the onions and if you want you can add some roasted bacon dices. As I don´t know the taste of rolls in the US, I know rolls from RSA and they tasted a little sweet, so you have to check the amount of salt by yourself. Did you ever use French Bread or Brezel. And ! when doing my little test dumpling and the mass is too soft, I add a handful of breadcrumbs. About the consistency you may discuss, I prefer meanwhile a Dumpling without slices of water bread at the surface. And if you don´t like the oil, just put the glazed onions on a strainer.

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