Out With the Old Cuisinart & In With the New

Vintage food processor finally replaced with new version of same model

Sometime in the early ’70s, the late, great Julia Child began saying good things about the Cuisinart, a new-fangled device that made quick work of such kitchen prep chores as chopping, slicing and mixing pastry dough. I wanted one, but as a beginning cook and very junior magazine editor earning next to nothing, it seemed like an extravagance — a kitchen appliance that cost three figures and that I wasn’t sure I’d use.

So I did the penny-wise, pound-foolish thing and bought a knock-off called the American Food Processor that I think was $39.95 including eight different blades. They weren’t very good blades, but I used the machine enough to convince me that I needed a real Cuisinart. Santa obliged sometime in the mid-’70s. That faithful DLC8 has served me well ever since. Over the years, I have bought a couple of extra slicing blades and one replacement bowl, because the Plexiglas had become very scratched — probably from chopping nuts or turning dried bread into crumbs. But that was about it. Still, by now, the plastic housing has developed several cracks, and heavy insulation cord, which must have been heated somehow, is no longer reassuring.

New Pro 11 (left) and very old DLC 8 (right).

With an attractive sale at Macy’s right now and a lot of Christmas cooking coming up, I replaced Old Faithful with what I am sure will become New Faithful — moving the old DLC8 out and the very similar new Pro 11 in. It appears to have a slightly smaller bowl than its predecessor (I haven’t measured), and it has some so-called safety features that the old one didn’t have — more lock/unlock options to separate components. But I’m sure I’ll get used to them. I’ll also manage to scratch that flawless Plexiglas bowl.  I’m sure we’ll live happily together for a good long time.

3 thoughts on “Out With the Old Cuisinart & In With the New”

  1. I loved my DLC8 to the end as well. The motor still seemed fine, but the cracked housing and unreassuring power cord made me think it was time for a new one. The body and the bowl of the Pro 11 are slightly smaller than the DLC 8, but probably not enough to make a practical difference. I hope the new motor is as strong (and as long-lasting) as the old.

  2. I have the Pro-14 that I got at an amazing Amazon sale about three years ago. I love that machine. Sometimes more so than my 1985 Hobart made Kitchen-aid.

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