Thanksgiving 2012

We had Thanksgiving. I cooked. My husband baked. We were 10 at the table. And it was good.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and while I generally write about it in entirely too much detail, I decided that no photos of this year’s appetizers, this year’s soup, this year’s turkey, this year’s vegetables and this year’s dessert are required here. Ditto lots of detailed recipes. Friends brought the hors d’oevres (thanks Reed and Sally), also the sweet potatoes  (thanks Laura) and a splendid pumpkin pie (thanks Suzanne). But everything else was scratch-made in our kithen, using all-organic and natural ingredients from Whole Foods. And Beaujolais nouveau was the holiday wine of choice:

Hors d’oeuvres: 2 cheese dips, one baked and served with crackers, one cold and served with crudités.

Soup: Nigella Lawon’s Pea and Pesto Soup, a really simple recipe that makes a really delicious soup.

Main Course: Turkey: Brined, roasted and stuffed with an apple-pecan cornbread stuffing. I more or less used this recipe but added more celery, more onion and more apple than the recipe calls for but eliminated the eggs.
Gravy: Half with giblets, half without.
Cranberries: Cranberry-Orange Relish.
Mashed potates.
Mashed sweet potatoes.
Roasted Harvest Vegetables:  New potatoes (black, white, red), carrots, whole Brussels sprouts, peeled and cubed butternut squash, tossed in olive oil and kosher salt and oven-roasted.

Dessert: Pumpkin Marble Cheesecake.
Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012”

    1. Thanks, Noreen. I think this confirms something I’ve long thought: there is no one perfect recipe or menu for anything. My Thanksgiving constants are few. Different hors d’oeuvre — some mine, some brought by a guest or two. There’s always some kind of soup, so I can use the soup plates from my best china. which doesn’t come out too often. We do Christmas as a buffet, so no soup. Turkey (always fresh, not frozen) with a different stuffing each year. Cranberry sauce (one from the Ocean Spray package and one other that’s different every year). Gravy, also different, when I make it. When my friend Sally is here, she makes “her” gravy. Mashed potatoes that my husband makes. Mashed sweet potatoes that my friend Laura makes. Different kinds of vegetables every year. Different desserts. My friend Vivian, the superbaker, usually brings them, but she had another engagement, so I made them all this year. The only other constants are: No Butterball turkeys or other injected birds, and no jellied cranberry sauce from a can. Come back in 2014, and I’ll post another Thanksgiving menu, but I never do it in advance because I decide in the last minute what will be served.

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