Bramble & Hare’s Pay-What-You-Can Thanksgiving Dinner

Good, wholesome food, wonderful ambiance and good karma too

If I weren’t getting set to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner that we always serve at our home, I know where my husband and I would be going for the best eating holiday of the year. It would be to Bramble & Hare, the spin-off and nextdoor neighor of Boulder’s nationally recognized Black Cat Farm · Table · Bistro.  Bramble & Hare is serving Thanksgiving dinner from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. featuring dishes prepared with local, natural and organic ingredients.

Most of them come from the 130-acre Black Cat Farm that restaurant owner/chef Eric Skokan and his wife Jill operate. They established the farm in neighborhing Niwot so they could grow a cornucopia of 250 types of organic vegetables and also to raise their own animals, including heritage turkeys.

The Skokans are as generous as they are committed to sustainable farming and locavore dining. Therefore, the Thanksgiving feast crafted by Skokan and his kitchen crew is on a pay-what-you-can basis. People on limited budgets pay what they can afford, with the expectation is that those who can do so will contribute something extra. Reservations are strongly recommended. 1970 13th Street, Boulder, 303-444-9110.

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  1. Denver’s SAME Cafe operates along the same principles year-round. SAME stands for “So All May Eat.” It is the city’s first non-profit restaurant, serving scratch-made wholesome lunches 6 days a week. Founders Brad and Libby Birky do not also own a farm, but they carefully source their ingredients and prepare food with love. They post suggested prices, but no one is turned away. Some economically challenged people trade labor for meals. Volunteers help out in the kitchen. And those who can afford to pay more often do so. See

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