6 responses to “Arrivederci to Il Mondo Vecchio”

  1. Robyn

    I can only hope that your last paragraph comes true!

  2. Toni

    What a shock and a tragedy. Mark has been curing the meat from my CSA farm for years, turning heritage breed pigs into addictive delicacies such as Lardo. I met him live this summer and watched a vibrant demo of him breaking down an entire lamb. This seems so sudden and a huge loss.

  3. Denver On a Spit

    That is horrible! It’s the same fate for my beloved al pastor. USDA gets in the way far too often.

  4. Pikkewyn

    In Colorado they legalized pot last night (sort of), but now you can’t assuage the munchies with sausage?
    Once marijuana is fully legalized, the same thing will happen to it. Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, and Big Retail will totally control it and “weed” out (pun intended) the little guy/gal.

  5. ceanf9

    and the feds sit back and wonder why the unemployment rate sits at 8/9% and shows no signs of moving down. this is one small regulatory action from one federal agency that resulted in 140 lost jobs. imagine the damage from large FDA actions? on top of all that, the people currently in office, and those who put them there act as if we hardly have regulation as it stands, more is the answer to all our problems. more of their one size fits all, round peg in a square hole rules. more lost jobs.

    regulations rarely effect or hurt the corporations they are intended to target. they have the means to pay the fines, or fight the rulings, or bribe the officials, or change their production methods. the same can not be said for the small and medium sized businesses out there, that employ HALF of all private sector workers. not only are the majority of ‘regulations’ ridiculous with regards to a small business, they are a huge drain on those businesses, costing untold man hours and money. and it has two effects. it either stagnates any chance of growth for a small/medium business. or runs them out of business, taking all the jobs it created with it.

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