Carbondale’s Restaurant Six89 Closing

Farewell to the restaurant that raised the culinary bar in the Roaring Fork Valley

Until Mark Fischer opened Restaurant Six89 in 1998, the words “culinary” and “Carbondale” weren’t often spoken in the same sentence. But Fischer’s daring enterprise — fine dining in a sleepy down-valley town — proved that there was good food to be had in the Roaring Fork Valley other than in Aspen.

As the pioneering restaurant of the farm-to-fork movement in the  region with a focus on seasonal cuisine sourced locally, it altered the landscape of food in the Roaring Fork Valley, including Aspen. The growth of area farms there and as far as Paonia have had a lot to do owner/chef Marc Fischer and Six89.

Since laucnhing  his flagship restaurant, Fischer has also opened Phat Thai, a Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant with locations in down the street Carbondale and across the mountains in Denver, and The Pullman in Glenwood Springs. All have been successful and all have gained kudos, but Six89 remained at the pinnacle. That is soon ending.

October 27 will be the last day for the charming restaurant in the old house at 689 Main Street in Carbondale. Aspen media have reported that Fischer has his eyes on Hestia, a Mediterranan restaurant nearby. The new place won’t be Six89 redux, but another new venture.

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    1. Console yourselves with other Mark Fischer restaurants: Phat Thai and a new eatery called Town in Carbonale and The Pullman upvalley in Glenwood Springs. Town is all things to all eaters: a cafe and bakery in the morning, a casual lunch spot and a dinner restaurant servng fresh, local food in the Fischer manner.

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