The End of an Era in Denver When Pagliacci’s Closes

Classic Italian restaurant to close after 66 years of family ownership

Pagliacci’s in Denver has been on my list for nearly 23 years. I’ve passed this restaurant and its hard-to-miss rooftop sign time and again, always intending to try their traditional Italian-American fare. Now it turns out that if I don’t get there in the next few days, it’ll be too late. After 66 years of family ownership, Pagliacci’s is closing on August 19.

On their Facebook page, they posted, ““As you may or may not know, Pagliacci’s has been the only Italian restaurant in Denver that can boast, for 66 years, we are the only Italian restaurant to remain in the original family, in the original location, and operate under the original name.”

Reports are that the building will be demolished and replaced by condominiums and that some members of the family are investigating putting out a line of prepared foods and sauces under the Pagliacci name. The last line in Leoncavallo’s opera is “La Commedia è finita! – “The play is over!” Life imitates art, as Pagliacci’s in Denver will also soon be over.

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One thought on “The End of an Era in Denver When Pagliacci’s Closes”

  1. I have never visited Pagliacci’s but the sign is iconic in the Denver landscape to me. I find it so sad when these established businesses, especially family run, go under. They feel to provide culinary roots that can’t be replaced by even the most swank of new eateries. Glad you are putting the work out so devotees can make it in one last time.

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