Paxia Eases My Re-Entry from Mexico

Family-owned restaurant serves Pan-Mexican cuisine in Sunnyside neighborhood

Just a few slightly jetlagged days after I returned from the Riviera Maya, I was hit by a longing for Mexican food — Mexican food, not Tex-Mex, but purer stains from the south-of-the-border repertory. My withdrawal was assuaged by an invitation to visit Paxia Authentic Mexican Cuisine, a fairly new restaurant in northwest Denver’s Sunnyside nieghborhood. Paxia (pronounced “pashya”) means “peace” in Nuhuatl, one of the many tongues now or previously spoken in the current Mexico. Owners Ignacio, Roberto and Ceasar  León know the food of their native country, and they prepare it well and send it out in style. The restaurant is spacious and lively, the menu is wide-ranging with dishes from various regions and it seemed to have gained traction with locals.

The dinner my husband and I enjoyed (and mean really enjoyed) was a media event, with so many specialties combined into rapid-fire courses that it was difficult to keep everything straight enough for detailed captions. I don’t want to get anything wrong so I’ll let the images that follow speak for themselves. The meal started with killer margs and tableside guacomole and ended with three killer desserts. Items we sampled inlcuded faboulous margaritas, a trio of salsas (jalapeño/tomatillo verde, chile morita and spicy chile de arbol, in order from tamest to hottest), molcajete (a stew of meat or seafood with veggies served bubbling hot in a lava rock bowl), shrimp ceviche, pork tamales, chicken enchiladas and oh, so much more.

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Main Dishes 

Sweet Endings

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One thought on “Paxia Eases My Re-Entry from Mexico”

  1. This is now one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Denver, but it is REAL Mexican and most people here don’t get it unless it has lots of yellow cheese on top. The most authentic I have found yet to compare with any of the places I have visited/dined throughout Mexico. I saw early bad reviews on Yelp and in my opinion that was just craziness so I wrote a glowing one myself instead.

    The nice thing I find about travelling to places in Mexico are that some are even in the same time zone and have Colorado news stations. I just returned from Germany/Austria/Italy trip last weekend, now that is jetlag. Two weeks with absolutely no English speaking channels/television available either with the exception of one night. What beautiful countryside to enjoy instead!

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