Kim & Jake Make Great Cakes

South Boulder boutique bakery’s unusual (and unusually delicious) cakes

From a tiny bakery tucked into a corner of Boulder’s Table Mesa Shopping Center come some of the best cakes in town. Kim & Jake’s Cakes is a bakery, pure and simple. In fact, it’s a cake bakery, even purer and simpler.They don’t do bread. They don’t do pastry. They don’t do cookies. They don’t do muffins. It’s not a cafe, not a restaurant, not a wine bar either. Just a place that bakes fabulous cakes and cupcakes for special orders, wholesale to upscale food markets around town and a relatively small amount of walk-in traffic. More people would probably walk in if it were easier to find.

Late last week, however, the place was overflowing as owners Jake and Kim Rosenbarger held an open house both to celebrate the business’s second birthday and invite folks to taste their unusual cakes — some savory-sweet, some seasonal and all rich and delicious. I intended to order a Mexi-Cali sheet cake for our Cinco de Mayo party, but I procrastinated until it was too late. Our guests’ loss, I’m afraid.

Jake is a former bicycle racer, original from Bloomington, Indiana, who used to bake with his parents. Kim hails from New Orleans but worked in a cake shop in Athens, Georgia, where she vacuumed up cake baking information. Neither went to culinary school or participated in a formal apprenticeship, but from the appearance, perfect tastes and unique flavor combos they have devised, they certainly didn’t need to.

Jake Rosenbarger traded his cycling jersey for a T-shirt sporting the logo of a fleur de lis, its center a classic cake shovel design. Kim is from New Orleans, whose symbol is the fleur de lis.



Oil and vinegar cake in a pignoli “collar.”


Strawberry margarita cake — perfect for the Cinco de Mayo, but I’m not sure whether it is on the menu through the summer.


Mexi-Cali cake made with lemon and corn, filled with jalapeño jelly and frosted with avocado butter cream.


Derby Julep, a vailla-mint cake soaked in Kentucky Maker’s Mark bourbon, filled with vanilla custard and encased in chocolate with a sprig of mint in the middle.


Kim with little August, the couple’s sweetest product of all.

Price check: The cakes pictured here are all “Specialty Cakes” that range from $35 for a 6-inch round cake serving five to eight people to $90 for a half a sheet cake that serves 50 to 54 people. Kim and Jake’s “Classic Cakes” range from $25 for a 6-inch round cake serving five to eight people to $75 for a half a sheet cake that serves 50 to 54 people.

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