5 responses to “Good Food in Frisco at Bagali’s”

  1. Drew

    We had some excellent pizza and wine at Bagali’s in Frisco last year. They had a really good happy hour special but the regular menu seemed a little pricey. I would be very curious to know what your total dinner bill was for three people.

  2. Drew

    Not too bad. We ate at the Bagali’s in Broomfield a couple of times before it closed too. They opened right about the time the recession hit. We never had a problem with the food or the service. I just think the prices were too high given the economy. Kinda a strange name for a restaurant too. I think the owner told us he named the place after his dog.

  3. Linda Blalock

    My husband and I had stopped in Frisco on our way to Breckenridge for our anniversary. We happily found Bagali’s for lunch. I loved the Mixed Field Greens with pear, almonds, blue cheese and roasted pear vinaigrette. It was so good we drove back into Frisco the next night so we could have it again. My husband isn’t a big lover of vinaigrette but this was love at first bite. We look forward to our next visit to Frisco and Bagali’s. Great food.

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