7 responses to “A Riff on Riffs”

  1. Beth Partin

    I’m beginning to wonder if “food bar” and “eat bar” are two new versions of “new American cuisine.”

  2. Gail Storey

    We LOVE Riffs! It’s our new favorite place. We know the wine director, Sarah, from Q’s, and have long been a fan of Chef John Platt. It has the great food and wine that Q’s has but at lower prices, and a very cool, hip ambiance. And the service is wonderful. We’re in the process of eating our way through the menu (highly recommend the salmon!) and drinking our way through the wine list. ;-D

  3. Laurel Kallenbach

    I’m intrigued! I’ll have to stop in for a bite!

  4. Andy

    I visited Riffs yesterday for the first time (it’s been open for two weeks). I had the avocado mash (avocado on top of black beans with about 5 large tortilla crisps) and duck confit with roasted yams and apples. The first was mediocre, but the second was delicious. FYI – the portions are quite small for the money. Oh, and the pumpkin flan is super yummy, too! Great cappuccino!

  5. Ray Keener

    We HAVE eaten our way through the menu, and so now we just order the numerous daily specials. And not going anywhere else, Riffs rocks! And to review Claire’s review: Why spend more words talking about your friends and what used to be in the space instead of talking about the food? And get a real camera if you’re going to do justice to this beautiful food. And people, even if you THINK you don’t like Brussels Sprouts: Order them! It’s not a salad, it’s a hot side-dish, BTW.

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