5 responses to “Tossa is Affordable New Pizzeria & Italian Eatery”

  1. Andrea Meyer

    I really enjoy reading all the fascinating details you include in your reviews! I get a sense of the history and context of the restaurant in addition to the food!

  2. Drew

    Good review. The wine pairing number guide on their menu is confusing – it looks like a price. I think they should use letters instead of numbers, and just one letter not two! Actually, they could just get rid of the guide…I’ll pick my own wine, thank you. :-)

  3. Andrea Meyer

    I appreciated the wine-pairing suggestions (easier if you’re not sure of your way around the wines) and my pairing of #5 red was good but I, too, liked #10 better. I’m looking forward to trying #11 next time.

  4. Kristy

    I’m always looking for new places to dine in the Boulder area. This looks like one I’ll add to my list for the weekend!

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