King’s Land for Dim Sum But Without a Crowd

1008 photo of front of restaurant; it hasn't changed.Two dim sum places at Oriental oasis on Alameda beckon

I was in New York last week, which both satisfies and intensifies my craving for good Chinese food. Last Saturday morning, my MileHighOnThe partner, Laura, and I gave a presentation at Whole Foods Market at Belmar, which is along South Wadsworth just a block from Alameda.  My husband came along for tech support in case the projector got squirrelly, but Laura had it well under control by the time he and I arrived. Alameda anywhere west of I-25, in my mind, means dim sum — and my husband and my friend both indulged me. Good thing, because I since learned that New Port ( Heaven Star) in Broomfield has closed. We had started going there because it’s much closer to Boulder.

Now we’re back to the two great dim sum specialty restaurants, Super Star Asian and King’s Land Chinese Seafood (no website) that sit across the parking lot from each other. It’s always a coin toss as to which one we will visit. This time, King’s Land won uour patronage. I have to note that for a while, the entire shopping center was threatened with demolition, to be replaced by a Home Depot. Perhaps it was the recession that saved it, but I was glad it was still there. A big box Lowe’s oxymoronically has been built on the south end of the parking lot, but many remaing stores still (or again) hold Asian businesses.

King's Land was surprisingly uncrowded at mid-day on Saturday.
Tables in the rear were set up for more elaborate dinner service.

King’s Land was surprisingly uncrowded — no lines, lots of empty tables, quieter than the usual happy chatter. The food carts still patrolled the dining room, and everything we had was good, but this meal lacked the variety that we’ve been offered when the restaurant is busier. The vast majority of items we were offered were either shrimp something or pork something, and many were fried. Since there were just three of us, we didn’t overorder anything. Our selections:

Fried shrimp wontons.
Pork buns.
Fried shrimp balls.
Broad noodles rolled around BBQ pork with thin soy sauce.
Sticky rice with sliced pork sausage and shrimp.

Price check: The dishes above came to under $30, including hot tea.

In other news from around the quad — the quad being the parking lot between King’s Land and Super Star — Lori Midson reported on Westword‘s Cafe Society that Super Star Asian is expanding from 117 to 215 seats and adding a fish tank of edibles. No indication of when this is planned.

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7 thoughts on “King’s Land for Dim Sum But Without a Crowd”

  1. No line because all of the Asians have been going to Star Kitchen for the past few years now. Worth checking out next time you are back in that part of town and craving dim sum.

    1. We live in Boulder, and before Heaven Star/New Port (currently closed) appeared in Broomrield, we alternated between King’s and Star when we were around Alameda/Federal. We just picked one, without knowing there had been a change. Thanks for explaining that the tide had indeed shifted. Now wonder Star is expanding. Hopefully, King’s will get its act together now.

  2. You know, I’ve gone past this place numerous times and always wondered about it. Maybe I’ll talk someone I know into trying this place or Star Kitchen sometime.

    1. Try to talk more than one someone into trying one of the dim sum places. The more the merrier. The food is meant to be shred. Because there were just three of just and becuase the selection was modest, we didn’t order too many dishes. See for a more typical selection for a larger group. That meal was at the now-shuttered New Port, a successor of Heaven Star. It has been reported that a new ownership group plans to revive it. I sure hope so.

  3. Just to clarify… Don’t get Star Kitchen confused with Super Star. Star Kitchen is on the NE corner of Federal and Mississippi, South side of the strip mall. Newport started out great, but after it changed ownership, it went downhill fast. Too bad, because that’s in my neck of the woods.

  4. My family and I went to King’s this past weekend and it was packed to the max. We had to wait for a table since we showed up late morning. The food was great and I have to say that the bbq menu is always a big draw for us. Hope they will be around for a long time since they were the first good dim sum restaurant in denver.

    1. Aaron – I’m glad to hear that. I was surprised/shocked at how empty it was we were there. Over the years. we’ve feasted both at Kings Land and at Super Star across the way. That beleaguered shopping center has challenged local businesses and their loyal customers. First, Walmart was planning to go in there, which for sure would have killed the small indies. They pulled their plans, but Lowe’s went in with great fanfare. Just 19 months later, Lowes announced that it would close — leaving another interesting retail area with a big empty box. I don’t know whether they are still planning to shutter that store or have rethought their plans, but I am rooting for both of the dim sum restaurants and other businesses at Alameda Square.

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