7 responses to “King’s Land for Dim Sum But Without a Crowd”

  1. Anne

    No line because all of the Asians have been going to Star Kitchen for the past few years now. Worth checking out next time you are back in that part of town and craving dim sum.

  2. Ginger

    You know, I’ve gone past this place numerous times and always wondered about it. Maybe I’ll talk someone I know into trying this place or Star Kitchen sometime.

  3. Anne

    Just to clarify… Don’t get Star Kitchen confused with Super Star. Star Kitchen is on the NE corner of Federal and Mississippi, South side of the strip mall. Newport started out great, but after it changed ownership, it went downhill fast. Too bad, because that’s in my neck of the woods.

  4. Aaron

    My family and I went to King’s this past weekend and it was packed to the max. We had to wait for a table since we showed up late morning. The food was great and I have to say that the bbq menu is always a big draw for us. Hope they will be around for a long time since they were the first good dim sum restaurant in denver.

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