3 responses to “Marseille’s Bouillabaisse Better Than Its Service”

  1. Beth Partin

    That reminds me of the time I went to Le Central and got seated at the 2-top right by the kitchen doors. The staff took care of me, but I still wondered if that was part of the WDA experience.

  2. Reader Question: To Write or Not to Write? | Culinary Colorado

    […] What I cannot understand is a waiter who did not acknowledge a mistake, apologize and rectify it. Arguing with a guest should never happen, particularly in a high end restaurant. Not ever. In the end, did he bring you the correct order — graciously? Did he make any kind of adjustment to the bill? If not, did you bring this matter to the attention of a headwaiter, manager or even host(ess)? My last extremely poor service experience was in a French restaurant in New York’s Theater District, which I blogged about here. […]

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