3 responses to “Carlos & Maria’s Mountain Mexican”

  1. sibylle

    I’ll make sure to avoid this place!

  2. Ral

    It was typical for a Colorado Mexican restaurant-good, not great. There just don’t seem to be many really good ones. I like Deli Cioso in Longmont, and Ajuua better than most, and some of the hole-in-the wall places are above average. The worst are the chains and pretentious/yuppified places like the Rio. The Rio may have great margs, but most of their so-called Mexican food is, to me, a cruel facsimile of Mexican food. I long for a great restaurant that features more than frontier fare. There are at least a couple dozen distinct regional Mexican cuisines, but all we ever get is Tex-Mex. I do adore that, when it’s done well, but I really wish that some of these restaurateurs had a bit more imagination…

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