Spring44 Vodka & Gin Local Launch at SALT in Boulder

Colorado-made all-natural spirits introduced to media and hospitality industry folks

The invitation to be among the first in Boulder to taste the new made-in-Colorado, all- natural vodka, honey vodka and gin under the Spring44 brand was irresistible. Part of the irresistibility was curiosity about in-state, sustainably produced artisanal  spirits. Part was because the local launch took place at SALT Bistro, whose food is great and mixology program creative — as I wrote about here when the restaurant introduced its DIY cocktail program that invites guests to concoct their own drinks. In New York, they launched at at Madison Square Garden and other high-profile venues that now escape me. In Colorado, where the brand born, the intro was lower key, at SALT, Denver’s Euclid Hall and perhaps some other venues that no one mentioned.

Spring44 premium spirits source their pure water at some 9,000 feet in what sounds like an inholding in the Roosevelt National Forest in Buckhorn Canyon, west of Fort Collins. In one order or another, they distill it and filter it several times through coconut fibers, letting natural flavors shine through. Spring44’s promotional materials and press kit arerather coy, so I am not sure whether the distillery is in Fort Collins, in Denver (where there is an office and/or mailing address) or elsewhere.

SALT beverage director Evan Faber consulting on a cocktail using a Spring44 product.
I had to leave before the intro event was over because I was on a travel panel that evening, so I only had one drink. My choice mango/honey vodka fizz (above right) was really tasty. Another guest's drink is on the left. I wish I could have stayed to taste the other two Spring44 items mixed with other flavors and made in other styles.

On the way out, I was able to snap a few images and nab a couple of the wonderful raw bar bites put out when the party moved up to the main floor from the basement where it started.

Oysters on ice.
Pretty skewered somethings. I took the picture but didn't want to spoil the preentation before anyone else had a chance to taste.
Smoked salmon-plus on left and shrimp-plus on the right. Again, I photographed -- and that was that.

And than, as I rued previously, I had to leave.