Pizza on Plains: Cables in Fort Morgan

Downtown pub livens Fort Morgan’s historic main street.

It’s easy for those of us who live in or within sight of Colorado’s mountains to forget that roughly the eastern third of the state lies on the Plains — a rolling rural landscape with scattered small towns, arrow-straight roads and light-years from the cuisine and cultural amenities many of us take for granted. When my Mile High On The Cheap partner, Laura Daily, and I were asked to give a presentation on couponing and other money-saving tactics at the Fort Morgan Library, we figured we’d get there in time for a bite to eat before show time.

Main Street on a cool, midweek evening is pretty quiet in Fort Morgan.

Cables Pub and Grill is conveniently across the broad but quiet main street from the library, so that’s where we went around 5:00 in the afternoon. A Fort Morgan cougar (or cougar wannabe) was already perched on a barstool, perhaps looking for prey. Pool tables near the front windows were still quiet, but soon attracted children whose parents were enjoying a cocktail at the family’s table, waiting for the food to arrive. As we were heading across the street to give our talk, young adults began drifting in.  It seems that Cables, an outlier from the original Greeley location that was established in 1972, is downtown Fort Morgan’s happening place. The fact that it serves food until midnight every night makes it a lot more happening than many restaurants on the Front Range.

I ordered a serviceable Chianti that cost just $3.50. The pizza — crust, sauce and cheese — was OK, not bad but curiously bland. Neither the crust nor the sauce had much taste, and even a sprinkling of hot pepper flakes didn’t really punch it up. But I was happy not to be eating in a chain restaurant so I overlooked all, happy as always to support an independent business against the onslaught of chains.

“Oh we got trouble. Right here in River City. That’s trouble with a T and that rhymes with P, and it stands for Pool.” The South Platte Rivers flows along the north end of town.
Iceberg and romaine lettuces, onions, tomato, shredded carrots, croutons and a choice of dressing on the side — not a dazzling but an acceptable dinner salad by most measures.
Cables’ basic personal pizza — thin crust, puffy at the edges, topped just with tomato and cheese.
Chopped tomato and mushrooms are among the optional add-on toppings.


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2 thoughts on “Pizza on Plains: Cables in Fort Morgan”

  1. That cougar you are reffering to is just the opposite! She is a very kind lady who hangs out down at Cables. Cables has been very kind to her especially recently since she just fought cancer. Find out your facts please!

  2. Thank you for this enlightenment. I wrote this post some 19 months ago, and you are the first to comment on any of it. I certainly did not know whether or not she was a “nice lady” or whether she had or would have cancer. still, I’m not sure how I was supposed to “find out my facts.” Should I have gone over and asked her, or the bartender or waitress, her purpose for hanging out at the bar? It would not have occurred to me to do that. I’m afraid I reverted to a stereotype: an older women, overly made up, sitting by herself at the bar did lead me to a conclusion. I wish her well, and I thank you again.

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