Ooh, Aah, Ooka

Pan-Asian eatery in Broomfield combines good prices & very varied menu

Want sushi? Ooka Asian Cuisine has a sushi bar across the back wall and turns out commendable sushi. Want stir fries?  Ooka has them too. Teriyaki, tempura or Thai curry? Ditto. Potstickers or pad Thai? Yes again. All these and more are found on an enormous pan-Asian menu in a beguiling restaurant where a Boston Market once dispensed rotisserie chicken. The service is attentive and the design displays humor and imagination. Flooded with sunlight by day and dark enough to be intimate and atmospheric after dark, Ooka belies is origins as a chicken chain. My husband had stopped there with friends en route back from Vintage Voltage, a guy-type show featuring old records, radios, electronics and such. He was so impressed that he took me there. Good move.

The ceiling treatment -- wavy lines, multi-colored light, interesting shapes -- remind me of a vintage Wurlitzer juke box.

The young servers are efficient, friendly and attentive, and the food they deliver is consistent and tasty — regardless of which Asian cusine a table mixes and matches. Even though there were just two of us, mix and match we did!

The hearty hot and sour soup is loaded with vegetables and tofu, then prettified with rounds of scallions floating on top.
Potstickers fried to a light golden crispness.
Thai curry noodles with chicken, shrimp and peanut sauce.
Eggplant, peppers and onion in a spicy, garlicky sauce.
For dessert, elaborately presented mochi with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries.

Price check: At dinner, starts, $2.95-$6.95; soups and salads, $1.50-$4.95 (and $7.95 for duck salad); entrees from various Asian cuisines, $8.95-$13.9. Lunch specials less.
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4 thoughts on “Ooh, Aah, Ooka”

  1. My disclaimer is that we didn’t try anything from the sushi bar — or anything out of the ordinary. I liked the cheerful atmosphere and the earnest (and successful) efforts to please.

  2. Claire,

    Thanks for posting a review of a Broomfield restaurant and thanks, especially, for reviewing Ooka. I mostly cook and dine at home, but when I’m called to dine out locally, it is, as likely as not, Ooka I choose. Fresh. That’s the reason. The staff is great, the food is fresh, and the fact that it is a stone’s throw from my home doesn’t hurt either.

    Melanie Mulhall

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