Yasawa Island Resort Dining

Small yet interesting menu seduces luxury resort’s guests three meals a day

Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, a secluded haven of tropical luxury, is one of the loveliest and most romantic places I’ve every stayed at. Just 18 private thatched cottages, called by the Fijian name bure, are stretched along a white sand beach with views of the cerulean sea. The bures are tastefully furnished, including a green coconut on each front porch that, when placed at the door, means Do Not Disturb.
The resort evokes tranquility, relaxation and romance, but the food is very fine too. This is a good thing, since all meals are included in the lodging rates and it is the only place on the island to dine. Scott Boogaerdt, the Aussie executive chef with the Dutch surname, puts on three delicious meals every day. The epicurean day starts with cold buffet breakfast plus the addition of cooked-to-order entrees, and winds through lunches and dinners, each with a very small, and very well balanced selection of dishes, until it’s time for a nightcap in the tiny bar of the privacy of a bure. An extensive menu would be impossible in this isolated location.
Everything other than the fish from local waters that is delivered by local fishermen is brought in from “the mainland,” as the big island of Viti Levu is called. Some staples are barged in, but the resort’s own purchasing office buys fresh produce food, meats and poultry bought at the market in Nadi and sends them out on the seven-passenger plane that also flies in resort guests.

Pacific Island BN2A carries guests, their luggage and fresh food on the 35-minute flight from Nadi.

What Chef Boogaerdt’s Cooks

The newly built dining room at Yasawa Island Resort is open to the trade winds, with heavy plastic that can be rolled down to protect diners from wind or weather. It wasn’t necessary during my stay.

Breakfast and lunch are informally served on bare wood tables, but the waitstaff can set a formal dinner table with starched white linens too.


Fresh fruit (rear) and small glasses of yogurt plus are healthy breakfast buffet options.
You know many guests are from Australia and New Zealand by the bowl of Weet-Bix cereal on the buffet.
Freshly baked bread.
"Whole meal" pancakes, which we Yanks would call "whole grain." Some fruit and a sprinkling of powdered sugar are pretty and tasty too.
Fresh eggs, sunny side up, fried potato cake and breakfast meats.

Lunch and Dinner

The tropics call for tropical drinks, don’t they? Beside this fruity beauty is a piece of white coral I found at the tide line. The glowing red in the background is that last moment of the setting sun.

Below are some some lunch and dinner dishes served during my stay in no particular order.

Southeast Asia is the inspiration for a starter of shredded chicken and carrot rolled into rice paper with a Thai chili dipping sauce.
Barbecued mahi-mahi, the fish of the day, with fried tofu cubes and sauteed greens, prettily plated with a ring of sauce.
Creme caramelwith chocolate sauce and an almond praline that doesn't show well in this photo.
Pear and almond tart with Amaretto anglaise and vanilla ice cream.
Red curry chicken with fragrant rice.

I actually took this picture from the beach in front of the restaurant shortly before dinner. In the small skiff are fisherman who had just delivered the day's catch to the Yasawa Island Resort's kitchen.

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  1. Bula – Thank you for your kind comments on our resort. One thing that Scott also does very well is interesting menus for the many people who have food alergies or unique dietary requirements. James McCann – Owner

  2. Claire, you bring back the meals here in exquisite detail! I believe the cocktail you so beautifully photographed is the Yasawa White Surf made with local Fijian OP dark rum, which the bartender claimed is the strongest in the world at 58%. But, after drinking one, I was still able to stand. 🙂 For the spectacular view and sounds from the porch of my bure, #10, visit

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