Anchorage Breakfast Off the Tourist Trail

Unexpected food & ambiance in South Anchorage

Downtown Anchorage is (happily) devoid of chain restaurants. They exist mostly along the arterials on the outskirts of town. Therefore, it is a surprise to find first-rate independent restaurants in those same outskirts. The Middle Way Cafe is in a strip mall but has great neighbors: REI and a popular used book store called Title Wave Books. It serves breakfast, lunch and early supper until 7:00 p.m. The bright and spacious cafe has art on the walls. (November 2011 note: They seem not to have a website now, but I did see a user review posted on 11/23/11.)

Lots of art on the walls. My favorite is a large painting of a musk ox herd.

I understand that there are often lines, but on a chilly, windy Monday morning,there was no wait and my host,  Jack, and I ordered quickly from an extensive chalkboard menu. He is a local, and at his recommendation, I had what he did: three thick slices of French toast made of multi-grain bread, whipped butter, whipped cream, sweet berry sauce and a lemon slice.

Thick slices of French toast with lots of fixin's.


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