3 responses to “Winter Park: Eating On a Mountaintop, In the Village & Down the Road”

  1. My Kitchen in the Rockies

    Hernando’s has become a tradition to visit whenever we are in Winterpark. We all love the atmosphere and their pizza. My kids are especially excited about the thick crust and the honey for dessert. It is also very pretty to sit outside on their deck in the summer.

  2. monopod

    I agree that Hernando’s isn’t my favorite style, but your review did a good job of conveying what it is that people like about it. After skiing all day, hearty, bready pizza with a ton of toppings is satisfying, if – as you said – not particularly fine dining. The only problem with Hernando’s is that it’s not exactly a secret; if you go between 5 and 9 pm, you’ll probably wait an hour or more.

    If you haven’t been, you should check out Smokin’ Moes. That’s our go-to place in WP after skiing. Not the world’s best BBQ, but definitely decent, and the smoked wings in particular are above average. Plus, apres ski is one of the few times that you can justify the calorie/fat load of BBQ!

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